What about these unusual applications? Blocks of gelatine are used in ballistics test, but did you know that ballistic gelatine also makes aviation safer? The DLR, the German Aerospace Center, uses artificial birds made from gelatine, to shoot at airplanes. The tests simulate real birds hitting the engines, wings or other parts of the fuselage.

The same concept, and the same gelatine, can be used to simulate car crashes with deer or other game, and even hand and arm injuries caused by drones and quadcopters.

To develop new medical techniques and train physicians or surgeons, it’s gelatine to the rescue once again. The German Cancer Research Center uses so-called gelatine “phantoms” to model tissue, allowing trainee surgeons to practice even very complicated surgical procedures.

And when a really frightening creature spooks you in a movie, during Halloween or at a carnival, its grisly face has probably been cast with gelatine. But it’s not just for nasty stuff, beautiful works of art can also be created with this versatile product, many of which can be seen in various exhibitions around the world: Sculptures are made by pouring hot gelatine into molds, creating perfect imprints – or the artwork is made with the help of gelatine.

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