With gelatine, unique and tailored textures can be created. Just think of those clear gummy candies made from gelatine: the gum-like elastic texture, its characteristic bite and that typical melting behavior can only be achieved with gelatine. Foamed textures can also be formed with Gelatine: marshmallows and chewy candies just wouldn’t be possible without it. Even in fat-reduced products and spreadable sausages, gelatine can create a smooth, creamy texture and a rich mouthfeel. In dairy products, gelatine enables a variety of consistencies to be created – from creamy to firm – and, at the same time, prevents syneresis. In cakes and pastries, powdered gelatine and leaf gelatine are used to texturize fillings. It creates a wonderfully creamy mouthfeel and also improves the stability and sliceability of whipped fillings.

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