Whether it’s materials for professional use or for enthusiastic amateur photographers, our Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI) portfolio comprises a comprehensive selection of photographic gelatines that combines a number of specific properties making them ideal for use in photographic films and paper – and in many other applications like X-ray and non-disruptive testing films, microfilm, graphic film, aerial images and holography.

Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI) offers specific inert and semi-inert products for the whole process of photography: dispersion, chemical ripening, physical ripening and topcoat applications. During the production of silver-halogen crystals for X-ray and photographic films, gelatine acts as a stabilizer. ASIAN GELATIN ® photographic gelatine controls crystal growth and regulates the sensitivity of the film. Used in color photography, gelatine enables the stabilization  of color emulsions. Thanks to strict control of viscosity close to standard deviation, the photographic industry is processing up to eight layers simultaneously by curtain coating.

Photographic gelatine is one of the most traditional polymers used in technology. Despite of many attempts for more than 130 years from researchers worldwide, it had never been possible to replace gelatine by synthetic products.

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