Gelatine is well known as a natural foodstuff, but did you know its close relatives, hydrolyzed collagen peptides, are also powerful nutrients? They contribute to weight management programs, beautiful skin regimes, joint health and strengthening bones and muscles. Our high-quality collagen peptides are an integral part of countless nutritional supplements and functional food products. Supported by solid scientific research, they’ve made millions of consumers a lot healthier and a great deal happier. And, of course, what works with humans, also works for animals – both the big ones and the small ones.

In this section, discover how our highly specialized collagen peptides can help your body to be healthier and stronger. Optimized and application-specific, our range of collagen peptides has been developed to provide the utmost benefits for skin and other tissues: they counteract the progressive loss of joint cartilage tissue and help to reduce functional joint pain, they increase bone mass density or muscle mass, and they reduce the depth of wrinkles. Backed by intensive research, we offer innovative collagen peptides that bring real – and measurable – benefits. With our foodstuffs and with any of our technical gelatines, we make our vision come true: “Improving quality of life.”

And, of course, with our tailored solutions, application know-how, regulatory advice and marketing support, we’re here to help you to create the product you want. Plus, as most of our collagen peptides work in a wide variety of products, from liquids and instant drinks to sports bars, compressed tablets and powders – as well as fruit gums or chocolate – you have plenty of options to choose from.

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