Gel formation, viscosity and texture are closely related properties, determined mainly by the structure, molecular size and temperature of the gelatin. Being a mixture of polymer chains of different lengths, gelatine forms colloidal solutions or sols. On cooling, these sols convert to gels; on warming, they revert to sols. This unlimited reversibility of the gelling process is an extremely important technological property of gelatine.

As the melting point of gelatine-based confectioneries is close to that of body temperature, a very smooth mouthfeel, a pleasant melting behavior and optimal flavor release are guaranteed. For harder gummy candies, higher Bloom Value gelatines are advisable, whereas lower Bloom Value gelatines create a softer texture. The gel formation ability of gelatine is the precondition for many functionalities and applications: gummy candies and gelled desserts, for example, would not be possible without gelatin, providing the quality, transparency and brilliance.

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