Do you know why gummy bears are one of the most successful sweets worldwide? It’s the gelatine: it provides the shiny, crystal clear appearance, the elastic texture, the tender melting sensation in your mouth and that intense flavor release. No other ingredient could ever replicate the functionality of gelatine.

In chewy candies, gelatine acts as an excellent emulsifier, but also as a gelling, foaming and stabilizing agent, giving products a pleasant mouthfeel, a feeling of indulgence and long-lasting flavor release.

Also, for light, soft, foamy marshmallows that melt in hot drinks or can be roasted in a campfire, gelatin is essential. And we think that’s a good thing. Product developers like that they can achieve all kinds of stable foams, from soft to firm. Gelatine is the perfect ingredient for clean-label and allergen-free sweets.

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