For delicious dairy and dessert products, texture is key. Our application experts can help you to achieve perfection by using the right type and amount of gelatine.

In yogurts, gelatine prevents syneresis. And whether you want a creamy or firm consistency, anything is possible. Gelatine also enables creams and toppings to maintain their appealing shape, makes sour cream and cheese spreads easy to spread, provides superior melting properties and gives semi-fat butter that fat-like texture.

How does Gelatine do all this? Gelatine can bind water and is a versatile emulsifier and stabilizer. It can mimic the “fatty” mouthfeel and is perfect for low-fat, semi-fat and even fat-free products. It can even make creamy fat-free ice cream a reality – without other additives. We promise that you’ll struggle to tell the difference between the fat-free and the full-fat versions. Furthermore, if you need optimized crystal formation in your ice cream or want your coatings and popsicles to be more stable at room temperature, we also have a solution.

And what about crystal-clear table jellies with varying degrees of firmness? Or gelled desserts that are stable at room temperature? Or fantastically stable mousses or whipped cream products? The excellent foam forming and stabilizing properties of gelatine make all this possible. For instant dessert powders, cakes or cake fillings, our instant gelatine is perfect – there’s no cooking required. Used in large-scale catering, it’s just as convenient for chefs or ambitious cooks to use at home.

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