For many pharmaceutical applications, Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI) gelatine has been indispensible for decades. Mostly used to manufacture hard and soft capsules, it also plays a key role as a binder in tablets, vitamin embedding and coating. Low endotoxin gelatines are used in plasma expanders, in vaccines and in blood-staunching sponges, to mention just a few.

In particular, it’s the film forming ability, thermo-reversible gelation properties and adhesive behavior that make gelatine so versatile. With outstanding innovations such as the patented Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI) RXL gelatine for reduced cross-linking, Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI) has set new standards in stability and dissolution for gelatine capsules. As a leading supplier of all types of gelatine, Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI) offers also Kosher and Halal variants.

Owing to its outstanding properties, gelatine is also used in a wide array of other medical applications: for skin-compatible zinc paste binders, as an excipient for granulates, tablets or sugar coatings, or as a thickener for liquid dosage forms.

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