Collagen has been used as a successful ingredient in beauty products for many, many years. And for good reason! It’s an important building block for connective tissue.

With our innovative Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI), we offer high-performance collagen peptides with proven benefits. How do we make a difference? Our superfine micro-peptides easily pass through the dermis, the top layer of the skin, and penetrate the epidermis – where they are needed.

Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI) both moisturizes and boosts elastin and collagen synthesis. And, with its unique properties, it contributes to the smoothness and suppleness of the skin, and also acts as a free radical inhibitor. In addition, by preserving the neutral pH value of the skin, it also improves its barrier function.

With its hair care benefits, Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI) reduces the damage caused by styling and bleaching, improves the firmness and structure of the hair, and also contributes to a beautiful and healthy looking gloss. Plus, as many, many women (and an increasing number of men) are dyeing their hair, it also improves the absorption of natural hair-coloring agents and reduces the irritation produced by anionic surfactants. Last but not least, hair dryers and tongs are hair’s worst enemies! But, our special collagen peptides offer high levels of heat protection.

Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI)shows excellent dermatological compatibility with skin and is a natural, allergen-free and sustainable ingredient.

Scientific studies: In a scientific, placebo-controlled double-blind study, it was shown that women with dry skin benefit from short- and long-term skin hydration after a 2-week treatment. They had statistically significant higher skin hydration levels, which were also confirmed by the majority of participants in a subjective assessment.

Applications: Beauty and personal care products such as face creams and body lotions, shampoo and bath preparations, conditioners, leave-on products, hair colors and many more. Ideally used in combination with VERISOL® collagen peptides for beauty from within applications.

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