Gelatine also enables the development of delicious half-fat, low-fat and “light” products, as it has enormous water binding capacities. Thus, calorie-free water can be incorporated to replace high-calorie fat. With the according technical knowledge, you get the same volume and comparable mouthfeel, and fewer calories. In products such as half-fat butter, reduced fat cheese and fat-free ice cream, gelatine helps to minimize the fat content without compromising on taste. In pizza cheese for example, gelatine not only reduces the fat content but also improves the melting properties. When replacing fat with water, giving structure and texture to the water is important. Gelatine scores points by being able to create a fat-like matrix in emulsions that exhibits shear-thinning properties and a fat-like creaminess. Thus, the addition of gelatine results in a smooth, creamy texture and mouthfeel – with fewer calories and a compatible appearance and taste.

In meat products Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI)’s functional proteins can be used to create sliceable aspics, sausages and spreadable products, all of which have significantly fewer calories than other meat or sausage products. Spreadable sausages in particular, with their high fat content, are perfect candidates for fat reduction. Here, gelatine provides excellent texture and improved spreadability – while reducing the fat and calorie content. Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI) offers special multifunctional gelatine compounds made from different collagen types. They have excellent water-binding properties while acting as an emulsifier and a stabilizer at the same time.

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