The patented NOVOTEC® CL800, based on Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI)’s functional proteins, enables metalworking processes to run smoothly – and without the need for oil. With this innovation, the industry now has access to more healthy, sustainable and completely ecologically safe metalworking fluids: They look like water, perform like oil and can cool metal surfaces much more effectively than conventional products based on mineral or synthetic oil. This reduces refilling amounts by up to 40%.

NOVOTEC® CL800 itself is fully biologically degradable and free from both allergenic agents and harmful substances. It fulfills the requirements for all modern production processing steps at the highest possible level. A further benefit is that machines, parts and metal chips stay clean, or can easily be cleaned with water. This makes overall production more cost-effective and efficient.

Sustainable and safe, it leaves no oil-contaminated residues and is the ideal solution for both industry and environment. Of course, we at Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI) use this innovative oil-free lubricant in our own production – with excellent results. And although we’re very familiar with using our own product, our experts are more than happy to help cooling lubricant manufacturers to implement NOVOTEC® CL800 into their own formulations. That’s innovation made by Asian Gelatin Industries (AGI)

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